Our own range of cardstock is made from 100% Acid/Lignin free paper.

We have :

1) 12x12" Textured cardstock 216gms

2) A4 metallic sheets 250gms

3) Handmade cotton paper at unbeatable prices - any size up to A1

Swatches are available for all ranges.


OLD FASHIONED, GOOD QUALITY, CRAFTED BY HAND “Handmade Paper is a layer of entwined fibers, held together by the natural internal bonding properties of cellulose fibers lifted by hand, sheet by sheet on molds in suspension of fibers in water with or without sizing." Source: THE DICTIONARY OF PAPER, AMERICAN PAPER AND PULP ASSOCIATION Quality of handmade paper is dependent on the raw materials used good quality paper relies on long fibers as the basis for strength,
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