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Due to the intricate nature and minute tolerances in the design of this die set, please use the following instructions to get perfect cutting results every time:

To stop any paper from embedding too deeply into the die and to enable easy removal of the pieces follow this procedure:

1) Lay the die down flat with the cutting edges facing upward.

2) Take a piece of wax paper (the type used for cooking is ideal), and place the piece on top of the die, wax side facing upward.

3) Place your cardstock/ paper / glitter paper (correct side facing down) over the wax paper.

4) Make a shim out of thin cardboard (about the thickness of 2 pieces of cardstock on top of one another) and place over your paper.

5) Run through your machine. Reverse and run it through for a second time.

6) Remove the shim and emboss the die with your rubber mat.

7) Use a paper piercer / awl and gently press down on the small release holes in the die, until you have wiggled a corner loose. 

8) Do NOT remove the wax paper from the die. It can be re-used for all the subsequent cuts. 

9) Gently grasp the paper and slowly remove your design from the die.

10) Use your paper piercer / awl to remove all the remaining bits from your die.


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